Saturday, March 23, 2013

Posh Little Pod Boy

Well the Frog's journey has begun, but I have to tell you it almost didn't happen. Airfares for travel this spring were absolutely outrageous.  Last year when we went to Italy we were able to get all-in round trip fares for the four of us for $3600.  This year the cost to fly anywhere in Europe was double!  With the fares so high, I thought I would see where we could go with Aeroplan and Avion Visa points.  What do you think it cost for two "free" business class tickets using Aeroplan, and two "free" tickets using Avion?  After all taxes and surcharges our four FREE tickets were $3300...

We have created absolute monsters at our house when it comes to travel.  My regular travel for work provides us with the ability to get upgrades on pretty regular basis, they are never guaranteed, but we have been pretty successful getting them.  Somehow the kids (in particular Fin) have taken this from a possibility, to an expectation!  So the talk at our house for the last few weeks hasn't been about the fantastic cities and sites that we will visiting.  Instead, the only thing on Fin's mind has been, "Have you upgraded you and I yet?", "Why can't Bronwyn and mommy fly coach?".  And then there was my personal favourite, "This isn't fair, I've only flown in the pods to Europe twice!".  What a little punk.  

After he and I had a lengthy chat about his "first world problem", I had him prepared for the inevitable 10hr journey without the posh treatment of business class.  

In the AC lounge before the flight, contemplating the dreaded flight in coach.

Apparently if you whine, complain and tell everyone you know that it's not fair that you have to fly coach, it works....  His wish came true.   We were fortunate to procure the last two seats up front.  I can already hear it for the next trip, "It's not fair, I've only flown in the pods to Europe three times!"
When we finally boarded the plane, he was happy with his seat.
Pod regular.

Our flight took us to Frankfurt where we had a short connecting flight to Zurich.  I'm amazed how easy it is to enter into countries these days.  In Frankfurt we showed our passports to a really grumpy German guy, we didn't have to fill out a form, he didn't ask us anything, he just mumbled and inaudible word and handed us back our passports.  In Zurich we walked off the plane, grabbed our bags and walked outside. Weird.  

After a scrambled attempt at taking the train into Zurich (you know, wrong platforms, wrong trains...the standard), we finally made our way to the hotel.  Even with the fancy pods to help us get a bit of rest on the flight we were all pretty tired, so we chilled in the room for an hour or so.  Worst part of the day? Trying to get pod boy to put his iPad down and get jacket on so you can go see the town and get some meltdown.

Railing on the pier looking out at Lake Zurich.
Locals enjoying the evening.
One of the many steep, narrow walk ways off of the Quays in the center of Zurich.

The moon high above Grossmunster Cathedral.
Evening view of Fraumunster Abbey from the base of Grossmunster Cathedral.


  1. Looks like a great start with a few small hiccups... I'm surprised the German customs guy was so gruff... They're normally so warm and welcoming! Anxiously awaiting the next instalment... xxoo

  2. Glad to hear you got there safe and sound! Did all four of you manage to get the pods, or did the kids take those seats? I'm impressed you let him have a pod after all that whining! LOL!

    Love the first photos of the city. Beautiful place, from the look of things. Can't wait to see more!